Star of the Week

This term's focus is PERSISTENCE.

1 Ash

Whole Class for persisting in their behaviour choices while on their beach trip yesterday!

1 Beech

Lila for being persistent when reading scales.

1 Oak

Karol for always being a positive, encouraging member of the class.

2 Ash

 Sarah for being persistent in her writing.

2 Beech

Nadia for persistently making contributions in class discussions.

2 Oak

 Kian for working persistently on his times tables.

3 Ash

Fabian for being persistent when working through his Maths investigation.

3 Beech

Mariam for persistently improving her writing this week.

3 Oak

Zach for showing great persistence when solving problems in Maths.

4 Ash

Myah for showing persistence during PE this week.

4 Oak

Malia for her persistence in trying to make herself heard in the classroom.

5 Beech

Ria for always being persistent in doing the right thing.

5 Ash


5 Oak

Manya for her persistently exemplary attitude to her school work.

6 Ash

 Nathan for showing great persistence when planning his menu for cookery day.

6 Beech

 Gabriella for following the 6 keys persistently.

6 Oak

 Lucas for his persistence with his good behaviour in the last few weeks.

 P. E.

Alexandra (3 Beech) for showing great persistence in PE lessons.