Star of the Week

This term's focus is ORGANISATION.

1 Ash

Ammar for always being organised for every lesson.

1 Beech

Abdullah for trying hard to develop his organisational skills further.

1 Oak

Anirvan for being organised for every lesson.

2 Ash

Saffron for showing excellent organisation skills when making her maths hat.

2 Beech

Maks for writing a beautifully organised poem using rhyming couplets.

2 Oak

Fatima J for great organisation with reading activities.

3 Ash

Amisha for showing organisation and great team work in story telling club. Well done.

3 Beech

Marios for improving his organisation throughout the school year.

3 Oak

Andrei for always completing his homework to a high standard and handing it in on time.

4 Ash

Hussain for great organisational skills in his English work.

4 Oak

Baraa for always being organised and prepared to learn.

4 Beech

Isra for always being organised and prepared for the school day.

5 Ash

Dalia for being well organised in her maths project.

5 Oak

Jafar for being consistently organised in lessons.

6 Ash

Karim for improving his organisation by remembering his letters.

6 Beech

Angelina for being an organised and efficient class monitor.

 6 Oak

Nicole for showing excellent organisation when planning a healthy meal.

 P. E.

Yara for showing great organisation at the Ealing Schools Athletics competition (Gold in the 150 metres).