Star of the Week

This term's focus is GETTING ALONG.

1 Ash

Hammoudi for getting along with others in the playground.

1 Beech

Daria for always playing nicely with other children.

1 Oak

Shahad for being a great role model of kindness.

2 Ash

Zhengying for supporting our new exchange students from China.

2 Beech

Alvin for getting along with his peers in and out of lessons.

2 Oak

Polina for always being a good role model in getting along and good manners.

3 Ash

Charlotte for always being happy and kind to all around her.

3 Beech

Iana for helping our new visitors throughout the week.

3 Oak

Saami for being very welcoming and helpful with our Chinese students.

4 Ash

Mohamed Ali for showing great getting along skills in our R. E. workshop.

4 Beech

Maja for showing great respect during a visit from the Rabbi.

4 Oak

Benin for working well in class and always cooperating in groups.

5 Ash

Zahra for always being helpful.

5 Oak

Keirallah for getting along with his group during the science experiment and being fair.

6 Ash

Jakub for always being welcoming and friendly.

6 Beech

Tia for getting along with all her peers at all times.

6 Oak

Filip for getting along with all members of the class and always cheering everyone up with his positive attitude.

 P. E.

Nawaf (4 Oak) for getting along with others during cross country club.