Star of the Week

This term's focus is PERSISTENCE.

1 Ash


1 Beech


1 Oak


2 Ash

Michael for showing persistence when practising the piano for assembly.

2 Beech

Howra for staying focused and trying hard during our mock SATs week.

2 Oak

Margarita for working persistently on the maths and reading assessments this week.

3 Ash

Redouane for trying hard to make good choices in class.

3 Beech

Abdullah for persisting with his learning in English and reading.

3 Oak

Joshua for working on his handwriting and presentation in all subjects.

4 Ash

Ella for working hard to master the bar model in maths.

4 Oak

Ahmed for persisting in putting up his hand before answering.

4 Beech

Jaeden for showing great persistence when working through difficult fraction problems.

5 Ash

Maria for always making a great effort in helping others.

5 Oak

Fairuz for her persistence during during test week and improving in both English and maths.

6 Ash

Alex for showing persistence with problem solving.

6 Beech

Shai for trying really hard to improve his behaviour.

6 Oak

Taisha for persistently working hard when faced with challenges in maths.

 P. E.

Curtis (5 Ash) for showing great persistence during cross country club.