StarS of the Week

This term's focus is RESPECT.

1 Ash

 Louie for being a great role model of exemplary behaviour in school.

1 Beech

 Tatyana for always being well mannered from the beginning of the day to the end.

1 Oak

 Madison for always being polite to others.

2 Ash

 Reuben for always showing good manners.

2 Beech

 Lila for showing respect to all adults and friends this week.

2 Oak

Hamza for being respectful to all children and adults in 2 Oak.

3 Ash

 Shiv for helping others during computing.

3 Oak

 Maaria for always listening to others and showing great manners.

4 Ash

 Khalel for always being polite and respectful to adults and peers.

4 Beech

 Ahmad for always being polite and courteous to everyone.

4 Oak

 Sama for showing respect during Maths and English.

5 Ash

 Natalia for always using excellent manners with her peers.

5 Oak

 Layla for respecting every member of staff and student at school.

6 Ash

 Nadine for always speaking calmly and politely to her teachers and peers.

6 Beech

 Aisha for greeting teachers in a polite and friendly manner.

6 Oak

 Andrei for having a great deal of respect for all children and staff members.

P. E.

 Amiya-Paris (4 Ash) for showing great respect during P.E.

Art of the week

Top: 'Big dog' by Alan (1 Ash)

Bottom: 'Worried dog' by Caia (1 Beech)

For drawing amazing dogs.