Star of the Week

This term's focus is RESILIENCE.

1 Ash

Sanaa for showing great resilience and persistence when improving her handwriting.

1 Beech

Jamie for showing resilience in his English learning.

1 Oak

Marie for trying her best in her Big Write.

2 Ash

The whole class for showing resilience when planning their assembly.

2 Beech

Haru for showing great confidence and resilience when working on fractions.

2 Oak

Yara for working resiliently in English this week.

3 Ash

Yohan for showing resilience editing his story.

3 Beech

Aiyana for working very hard on her handwriting and earning her pen license.

3 Oak

Dana for showing a brilliant resilient attitude during her Big Write.

4 Ash

Razvan for showing resilience when solving word problems in Maths.

4 Beech

Ayaan for showing resilience when solving word problems.

4 Oak

Eileen for showing resilience when solving maths worded problems.

5 Ash

Mustafa for being resilient and hardworking in all subjects.

5 Oak

Shenola for showing resilience when working out area of rectangles.

6 Ash

Karim for using resilience when translating and reflecting shapes.

6 Beech

Krystian for showing good improvements towards his independent writing.

6 Oak

Jessica for showing excellent resilience when trying to improve her handwriting.

 P. E.

Mark (4 Beech) for showing great resilience during football and rugby training.