Art of the week, 16th June

Year 3 are learning all about chocolate. They all created the most amazing pictures using paint and pastels. 

'Hot Chocolate'

left: Batool, 3 Ash

right: Jan, 3 Ash

Art of the week, 9th June

Year 2 created amazing abstract faces using cardboard and pastels.

Art of the week, 20th May

Year 1 have been learning about the artist Kandinsky. They created abstract artworks using different shapes. 

Top: Davina, 2 Ash

Bottom: Rosha, 2 Ash

Art of the week, 13th May

During Fairytale Fortnight Year 1 read 'Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin and created their own pictures.

Top: Sylvia, 1 Oak

Bottom: Natasha, 1 Oak

Art of the week, 5th May

Year 3 learned about the artist Fernand Leger and used his pictures to inspire them.

'Car' by Jana, 3 Oak

'Bike' by Nadia, 3 Ash

 Art of the week, 28th April

Year 4 are learning about Vikings. They used charcoal to sketch vicious Vikings!

Left: 'Viking' by Art, 4 Ash

Right: 'Viking' by Wrdelful, 4 Ash

Art of the week, 21st April

The children read 'Send for a Superhero'. They drew their own superheroes.

Left: by Jason, 1 Oak

Right: by Sienna, 1 Oak

Art of the week, 18th March

Year 1 are reading 'Super Happy Magic Forest' by Matty Long. Blossom, one of the characters, is a unicorn. The children created their own unicorns.

'Happy unicorn' by Shannon, 1 Beech

'Happy unicorn' by Shannon, 1 Beech

Art of the week, 10th March

Year 1 have been learning about drawing faces. They drew faces and collaged the hair and clothes.

Left: Mya, 1 Oak

Right: Jai, 1 Beech

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