breakfast and afterschool club - closed

Update - 19th May 2021

Please see below a paragraph from a letter sent to parents on the 18/5/2021 from Mrs. Shilling, regarding the opening of ASC/BC.  

"We are still unable to open our paid for breakfast and after school childcare facility.  As you are aware, our ASC/BC takes place indoors, with an inconsistent group of over 15 pupils, all from different year groups so it does not fit the recommended criteria to mitigate risk of spreading the virus.  If we could staff it with a consistent adult per year group and the same pupils in each group in multiple locations (cleaning them afterwards before other pupils entered) or held completely outside, then it would be possible!  This is obviously not possible, safe or cost effective at present. We have a plan that if we can get through the Autumn term 2021 (and possibly Covid infections wave 3?) without school closure and restrictions about pupils staying in 'bubbles' lift, then we could look to opening this childcare facility after January 2022. Please do contact Ealing Family Information Services in the meantime if you need a childminder who does school collections and drop offs at Selborne."

Closure of Breakfast and Afterschool Club, letter of 24th September 2020