Selborne Primary School

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Stars of the Week

In our weekly assembly, we recognise a child from each class who has acted in an exemplary way towards one of our six keys and award them a certificate acknowledging this.

This half term, our key is Confidence

Week ending  Friday 19th April  2024

The Stars of the week are:


Sebastian, (4 Ash), Congratulations, Excellent Spanish.


Tamara, for showing great confidence during the Ealing Schools cricket competition.

1 Ash

Leen, for building her confidence during class discussions.

1 Oak

Kyla, for confidently reading aloud to the class during English lessons.

1 Beech

 Yunis, for clearly and confidently explaining his reasoning in maths.

2 Ash

Anir, for solving problems in maths confidently.

2 Oak

Yayha, for gaining confidence and sharing ideas in English lessons.

2 Beech

Arthur, for becoming more confident in maths and sharing his ideas.

3 Ash

Ryan, for always taking part in class discussions.

3 Oak

Zachariah, for showing confidence when challenging ideas during class discussions.

 3 Beech

Bayazid, for being able to explain his mathematical reasoning.

 4 Ash

Reuben, for sharing his science knowledge in class discussions.

4 Oak

Andi, for developing his confidence with spellings.

4 Beech

Qamar, for always getting involved in class discussions.

5 Ash

Sarah, for always reading with confidence and enthusiasm in front of her peers.

5 Oak

Jan, for performing confidently in preparation for his forthcoming class assembly.

6 Ash

Shahad, for growing in confidence when explaining her methods in maths.

 6 Oak

Khalel, for contributing well in group discussions.

6 Beech

Sanaa, for approaching all aspects of school with confidence.