Art of the week

Art of the week, 10th December

Year 6 created cityscapes. They drew buildings with perspective. 

Top: Night time by Baraa 6 Oak

Bottom: City clock by Erykah 6 Oak

Art of the week, 4th December

Year 1 are learning about carnivores. They used collage to create wonderful lions. 

Top: Sleepy Lion by Joud 1 Oak

Bottom: Awake Lion by Reuben 1 Oak

Art of the week, 20th November

Year 4 Ash created these amazing Spitfire planes as part of their topic learning about World War II.

Art of the week, 12th November

Year 6 looked at the abstract sculptures of Pablo Picasso and created their own from cardboard. 

Angry man by Thaher, 6 Beech and Elephant by Hussain, 6 Oak 

Art of the week, 5th November

Year 1 learnt about the artist Yayoi Kasuma. They painted dotty pumpkins like she does. 

 Painted pumpkin by Kiarri, 1 Ash.

Art of the week, 22nd October

Year 6 are learning about the work of Pablo Picasso.  They created abstract portraits. 

Portrait by Noor, 6 Beech.

Art of the week, 15th October

Year 1 are learning about the artist Yayoi Kasuma who likes pumpkins!  They drew pumpkins and this week will be painting pumpkins. 

Pumpkin by Aya, 1 Beech

Art of the week, 5th October

Year 1 have been learning about amphibians so they created frogs using paint and wax crayon.

Frog by Sebastian, 1 Oak​