Stars of the Week

Week ending 24th March 2023

The Stars of the week are:

1 Ash

   Kareem, for always being such a joy to teach and coming to school with a smile everyday.

1 Oak

   Ali, for making his friends play new games in the playground.

1 Beech

  Reni, for being kind and helping others.

2 Ash

  Alex, for getting along with all his classmates and growing in confidence.

2 Oak

  Malachi, for always working well with others.

2 Beech

   Nourhan, for always being respectful and kind to others and listening well during group work.

3 Ash

  Lein, for working well with others and trying hard during English.

3 Oak

  Narjes, for always being considerate to her peers.

3 Beech

   Yasin, for maintaining example behaviour!

4 Ash

  Rayyan, for working well in a team during D.T project.

4 Oak

  Maaria, for continued kind behaviour towards her classmates.

5 Ash

   Keyaan, for always being kind and respectful during group discussions.

5 Oak

   Caydon, for getting along well during interventions.

5 Beech

  Fahd, for helping other children in need.

6 Ash

  Jena, for always working well with her peers and ensuring everyone feels included.

6 Oak

  Laurena, for always listening to what is being said when another person is talking.


  Eleanor, for always getting along with others during netball club & during P.E