School Dinners

Harrisons provide freshly cooked hot meals on site. There is a range of options including vegetarian, salad bar and fruit.  Harrisons accept payment by telephone on 0208 280 0312/0318/0319 or online at

Universal Free School Meals For All Reception, Year 1 And Year 2 Children

The government has ensured that from September 2014 all pupils in Reception, year 1 and Year 2 will receive a free school meal at lunchtime. Every child in these classes is entitled to the free school meal and will be provided with one at Selborne School.

Packed Lunch (only for Year 3,4,5 and 6 pupils)

If your child brings a packed lunch to eat in school, it should be a balanced lunch and should contain at least one item from each of the following categories:

  • Starchy foods:  These are bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and others
  • Protein foods:  These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others
  • A dairy item:  This could be cheese or a yoghurt
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit.

Please ensure that nuts, chocolate or fizzy drinks are not included in your child’s lunch; only water is permitted.

Packed Lunch Poster

Free School Meals  


Do you claim any of the following:- 

  • Benefit/Income
  • Income support
  • Job-Seekers Allowance
  • NASS
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment and Support Allowances
  • Pension Credit with Child Tax Credit
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Incapacity Benefit with Child Tax Credit

If yes, then you may be entitled to Free School Meals. We strongly encourage you to apply for this benefit as the school also received additional funding to provide interventions for your child.

Please ask at the school office for a Free School Meal application form, this process is confidential.