Ethos and Values

Selborne Primary School’s Keys to Success

RESPECT: At Selborne, all individuals are respected regardless of race, faith, physical ability, gender, language, age, culture or sexual orientation.
PERSISTENCE: We learn through our mistakes, maintain a positive attitude regardless of any differences, and support others to do so. 
ORGANISATION: We prepare ourselves and help others to be ready for every stage of our physical and emotional development. We organise ourselves so that we are prepared for every learning and social opportunity.
CONFIDENCE: All individuals should have a positive image of themselves: physically, emotionally and academically. As a school community we are always positive about each other and help those who struggle with issues of self-esteem. We have confidence about who we are and where we belong.
GETTING ALONG: We learn to empathise with and support others. We try to get along with everyone in our community.
RESILIENCE: We always try to learn from our mistakes and move forward to new challenges with a positive attitude.

Our school motto is  ‘Inspire and Achieve’.